Procurement and Job Adverts

Procurement and Job Adverts ( 8 Files )

Ministry of Water and Environment Job  and Procurement adverts and other related publications appear in this category of Publications. Click the link for details ...

Sector Performance Reports

Sector Performance Reports ( 19 Files )

The Ministry of Water and Environment prepares Annual Sector Performance Reports (SPR) presenting the progress of the water and environment sectors for the preceding financial year. The SPR is issued end of September of the particular year before the annual sector reviews which take place by the middle of October Month.

Sector Strategic Investment Plans

Sector Strategic Investment Plans ( 4 Files )

Water and Environment Sector Strategic Investment Plans

Rural Water Supply & Sanitation

Rural Water Supply & Sanitation ( 9 Files )

Rural water supply and sanitation acvities both at Centre and District level

Water Supply Atlas

Water Supply Atlas ( 101 Files )

The Water Supply Atlas has been prepared to provided stakeholders with good knowledge and information on matters concerning the safe water supply coverage, functionality and distribution. The Water Supply Atlas files are presented as a national report and one report per district. The national report is divided into Introduction, Explanatory notes and National summary report. The baseline survey was carried out in 2009/2010 and published in February 2011.

Water Resources Management

Water Resources Management ( 80 Files )

Water Resources Management publications, documents and reports. This folder includes sub-folders for the three departments under the Directorate of Water Resource Management, Water Quality Management Department, Water Resources Planning and Regulation Department, Water Resources Monitoring & Assessment Department.


WATER for PRODUCTION ( 2 Files )

Water for Production (WfP) refers to development and utilisation of water resources for productive use in crop irrigation, livestock, aquaculture, rural industries and other commercial uses.

Water and Environment Sector Documents

Water and Environment Sector Documents ( 14 Files )

Water and Environment sector documents guiding the implentation of project and programme. Inclusive the preparation of the new joint sector programme for 2013-2018. This catagory contains all the sector and sub-sector specific programme documents.

Ministerial Policy Statements

Ministerial Policy Statements ( 8 Files )

In accordance with Section 6 (1) of the Budget Act 2001, the Ministry of Water and Environment prepares annual Ministerial Policy Statements to the Parliament for the particular financial year covering the Water and Environment Sector.

Ministry News and Media Releases

Ministry News and Media Releases ( 16 Files )

Download MWE Newsletter, media releases and speeches

Legislation, Policies and Regulations

Legislation, Policies and Regulations ( 9 Files )

Legislation, policies, strategies, regulations and guidelines which are guiding the activities of the water and environment sectors. Subsector specific manuals and guidelines are uploaded under the specific activity areas.

Joint Sector Reviews

Joint Sector Reviews ( 123 Files )

Copies of documents from Joint Technical Reviews and Annual Sector Reviews

Joint Technical Reviews

Joint Technical Reviews ( 64 Files )

The GOU together with sector development partners  are carrying out an annual Joint Technical Review as a part of the consultative arrangements for implementation of the Sector Wide Approach to joint development efforts in the Water and Environment sector

Directorate of Environment Affairs Documents

Directorate of Environment Affairs Documents ( 112 Files )

Category for Ministerial reports on the environment, Meteorology, Climate change and other activities under the Directorate of Environmental Affairs. (DEA)

NGOs and Cross Cutting Issues

NGOs and Cross Cutting Issues ( 3 Files )

This Category contains documents of  NGO/CBO activities as well as cross cutting issues from various subsectors like Water and Sanitation, Environment, Good Governance and Gender. Environment and climate Change are also a cross cutting issue in the sector but are filed under Directorate of Environment Affairs (DEA) Category and activities

Urban Water Supply and Sanitation

Urban Water Supply and Sanitation ( 39 Files )

Documents Urban Water Supply and Sanitation and include a number of sub-folders like Water and Sanitation Development Facilities (WSDF) for the four regions, Small Towns Data etc.