Uganda Water and Environment Week (UWEWK) is a weeklong event that is organized annually by Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE) through the Water Resources Institute (WRI). Since its inception in 2018, the event seeks to contribute towards the attainment of Sustainable Socio-economic Transformation in achieving Ugandan National Development Plan and vision.  It provides an interface between sector actors and other stakeholders for knowledge exchange, dialoguing, learning for improvement of Uganda’s water and environment resources. This year the focus of UWEWK 2020 is on the centrality of water and environment resources in Sustainable Industrialization for Inclusive-growth, Employment and Wealth Creation.

UWEWK2020 will explore the role water and environment resources will be play in the achievement of the National Development Plan (NDP) III goal and targets. It will assess the centrality of water and environment resources in increasing household incomes, improved quality of life of the population and achievement of “Sustainable Industrialization for Inclusive-growth, Employment and Wealth Creation”.

Water and Environment Week 2020

Theme: "Sustainable Industrialization for Inclusive-growth, Employment and Wealth Creation"

Venue:   Water Resource Institute in Entebbe

The UWEWK 2020 events will be:

  1. Exhibitions and side events staged by public and private sector institutions, academia, development partners, civil society organizations/non-governmental organizations and others;
  2. Keynote speeches delivered by leading sector professionals and policy makers;
  3. Paper and posters presented by different scholars and practitioners;
  4. Parallel sessions on thematic areas and topics held for different categories of participants;
  5. High level panel discussions to discuss policy issues and implications for water and environment resources management;
  6. Applied training sessions on relevant key topics in line with the sub-themes;
  7. Commemoration of International days: World Forest Day, World Water Day and World Meteorological Day;
  8. Outstanding personalities and contributors to the water and environment sector awarded;
  9. Daily brief or newsletter about the event developed and circulated to update participants;
  10. A media hub established for accreditation of the press, coordination of the press conferences and provision of updates about the event;
  11. Guests and participants entertained through school performances, including poetry, songs and other forms of entertainment;
  12. One-day field visits to selected sites within and around Entebbe, Kampala and Jinja to provide practical demonstration to participants in line with the sub-themes of the week;
  13. Proceeding from the important role of media in raising public awareness, a Press Contest will be organized in the framework of the Uganda Water and Environment week and the best will be awarded.
  14. Contests among water and environment resource users such as farmers, industrialists, utilities, local governments, conservation groups etc. will be held at the national level and in the 4 regional de-concentrated structures of the MWE within the framework of the Uganda Water and Environment week. The competition’s objective will be to support the strategic national efforts and initiatives to protect and conserve water and environment and also increase productivity.
  15. Children from different schools will participate during event, the event aims to raise the children awareness on water and environment conservation issues. The kids' hub will give an excellent opportunity for raising their awareness on the water and environmental issues through interactive educational activities. Many activities related to water and environment conservation can be thought of on the margin of the forum: a literary workshop, painting activities and puppet shows.