Forest Sector Support Department

In 1999, Government of Uganda launched a forest sector reform process, which resulted in the development of the Uganda Forestry Policy (2001), the National Forest Plan (2002),the National Forestry and Tree Planting Act (2003).  A new institutional framework was created, with clear roles and responsibilities for the central and local government agencies, the private sector, civil society and local communities.  The new arrangement aims at promoting efficient and effective governance of the sector. 


As key part of this new institutional framework is the Forest Sector Support Department (FSSD) which sits within the Directorate of Environment Affairs in the Ministry of Water, and Environment (MWE).  FSSD’s role is set out in the National Forest Plan, and its capacity is being strengthened to oversee forest sector development.


The vision for the forestry sector in Uganda is ‘A sufficiently forested, ecologically stable and economically prosperous Uganda’


FSSD’s mission is “to effectively co-ordinate, guide and supervise Uganda’s forest sector, and contribute to the rational and sustainable utilization, development, effective management, safeguard of forestry resources, for social welfare


The functions of the FSSD contribute to the achievement of national goal of `An integrated forest sector that achieves sustainable increases in the economic, social and environmental benefits from forests and trees by the people  of Uganda, especially the poor and vulnerable’

Core Responsibilities:

  • To formulate and oversee forestry policies, standards and legislation
  • To monitor the National Forestry Authority (NFA) using a performance contract
  • To provide technical support and monitor District Forestry Services
  • To support forestry advisory services under National Agricultural Advisory Services (NAADS)
  • To promote information, advice and advocacy to sector stakeholders.
  • To ensure effective National Forest Plan (NFP) coordination and cross-sectoral linkages
  • To mobilize funds and other resources for the forest sector.

Public information, advice and advocacy

A wide range of information and data is needed for sectoral analysis, the provision of information services and the creation of public awareness across the sector. There are many stakeholders, including government officials, investors, forestry owners, NGOs, donors, research and training institutions, and the general public who have different information requirements.  The FSSD provides this information for effective choices about investments, livelihood options or policy changes.

FSSD is also charged with building the advocacy capacity of CSOs to influence implementation of the NFP. FSSD works with the forestry working group to promote elements of the NFP.

Information and documents on forestry can be downloaded here!