Urban Water Supply Department

Small Towns Water & Sanitation

As per definition in the water and sanitation sector, small towns are the gazetted Town Councils, Town Boards and District Headquarters. This category therefore automatically includes all centres with populations of above 5,000 and those outside NWSC. All other centres with populations below 5,000 and above 2,000 are referred to as rural growth centres. Currently, there are 93 gazetted small towns out of over 220.

Water & Sanitation Development Facilities

A long term aim of Uganda’s water sector reforms since the early 2000s was to establish a ”Water and Sanitation Development Facility” (WSDF) as a means by which to channel funding and technical support into the sector’s service providers, i.e. the local governments in the small towns and rural growth centres, in a way that increases efficiency and reduces transaction costs.  It was intended also that the WSDF would ultimately transition into an autonomous fund (with the same initials) with an expanding remit across the sector and its stakeholders.