Water for Production Department

Water for Production (WfP) is a department in Ministry of Water and Environment with a major objective of promoting development of cost-effective and sustainable water supply and water management for increased production and contribution to the modernization of the agricultural sector in Uganda with a focus on poverty reduction and minimal environmental impacts through:

  • Bulk water transfer from areas of plenty to areas of scarcity.
  • Promoting water resources assessment and planning for agricultural production.
  • Increasing the capacity of the farmers to access and use of water for crop, livestock and fisheries production.
  • Promoting appropriate water harvesting technologies for irrigation and livestock development.
  • Promoting the participation of the farmers and the private sector in financing and planning, development and management of irrigation and livestock water supply systems.
  • Provision of technical support to Line Ministries and Local Government.

A river diversion structure (background) and main canal taking water to farmland.

An onion field under irrigation

 Earth dam constructed by the Ministry

Egg plants under drip irrigation on a demonstration plot. Water was obtained from a dam.

Cattle drinking from a trough at one of the Ministry's valley tanks