Atlases & Maps

Kibaale Ground Water Maps

The Mapping Groundwater Resources in Uganda Programme provides this set of maps to aid planning of groundwater development activities at the district level. It aims to reduce the costs of groundwater development and increase the success rates. This district report outlines the procedures used to prepare the maps and provides the analysis and interpretation of the maps.

Water Supply Atlas 2017

Under the National Development Plan II(NDP II) the Government of Uganda has committed itself to increase water supply coverage in the rural areas from 65% in 2012/13 to 79%  by 2019/20.  The Ministry of Water and Environment, as the lead government agency in pursuing these aspirations, also has the duty to effectively monitor, document and report progress towards the above  target, for improved water service delivery.  During the  period 1999-2000, the Ministry of Water   and Environment published its first Water Atlas which was launched in 2004.