Water and Environment sector is central in contributing to the country’s drive towards transformation from  a peasant to an industrial and middle income country by 2040. Broadly, the availability of adequate water resources is critical to hydro-power development, agricultural production, health, industrial development, tourism development and adaptation to climate and climate change effects. Similarly, a healthy, clean and productive environment is essential in boosting wealth creation for social transformation and sustainable development because it reflects the balance between the demand and supply of natural resources on one hand and the absorption and supply of waste products on the other hand in the development process. The Water and Environment sector is therefore committed to provision of affordable access to clean and safe water and sanitation facilities, promotion of climate resilient awareness activities and a productive environment by all citizens of Uganda as prescribed in the National Development Plan (NDP-II) objectives, the NRM Manifesto (2016-2021) commitments, H.E the President Strategies and Guidelines for Middle Income Status by 2020 as well as the Sustainable Development Goals.