Design presentation of Butenga-Kawoko Town WSSS in Bukomansimbi district.

The Ministry of Water and Environment through Water and Sanitation Development Facility-Central held a design presentation of Butenga-Kawoko Town Water Supply and Sanitation System in Bukomansimbi district.

The system that is expected to commence in April 2019 will be funded by Government of Uganda and African Development Bank.

The project will consist of two pump houses, a booster station,storage reseevoir of 400cm, two public toilets,one water office, 500 consumer connections and 15 public stand posts.
Villages expected to benefit include;
* Kawoko Town Council,Kigaba, Kiwenjula,Bugaana,Makoomi,Serinya,Kawoko-Kikawa.
* Butenga A,B,C and D
* Kabigi
* Kavule-Kiwuluzi
* Kyansi
* Gayaza A,B and C
* Nyendo
* Mukunyu