Design presentation for Kasambya Water Supply and Sanitation System.

Today, Water and Sanitation Development Facility-Central (WSDF-C) officials held a design presentation for Kasambya Water Supply and Sanitation System.
The African Development Bank (AfDB) and Government of Uganda (GoU) committed funds towards the construction of Kassmbya piped Water Supply and Sanitation System that is expected to commence in June 2019.
Kasambya WSS in Mubende district is expected to benefit approximately 21,266 in the initial year population of 2020 and 47,138 people by the year 2040.
The intended villages to be served include: Bulonzi B, Gilman,Kimwanyi, Nkuruma South, Kasambya Town Board, Nakasaga lane, Kamujemere,Nakasaga kiterede, Rubona, Kabale,Kirangira B, Ndeeba,Kisinzire, Kisinzire B and Lwensama.
The team held a design presentation meeting at Kasambya council hall and the following issues were highlighted;
-3 phase power extension to the pump station, standby generator, water treatment unit,100m3 cold pressed steel tank on dwarf walls and 200m3 cold pressed steel tank on 15m tower and 100m3 reinforced concrete sump, 400 yard tap connections and 10 public posts, 2 pump houses,2 guard houses, 1 office block and 2 public water borne toilets.
In addition, the AfDB is supporting the piloting of
pre-paid metres in the region and Kasambya town council is one of the beneficiaries with 4No. pre paid metres. These will be located in public areas as a pro poor strategy of the Ministry of Water and Environment.