Technical Commissioning of Namulonge_Kiwenda Piped Water Supply System

The Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Water and Environment in financial cooperation with the African Development Bank committed funds towards the construction of Namulonge_ Kiwenda piped Water Supply System under Water and Sanitation Development Facility-Central (WSDF-C ). Namulonge_Kiwenda towns are located in North Kyadondo Constituency, Kyadondo County, Wakiso district in Central Uganda. The Water Supply System consists of 260 cubic metres steel reservoir tank on a 18 metres high steel tower in Namulonge and 200m3 steel tank on 15m high steel tower in Kiwenda town and will serve a population of 14,508 in the year of  2016, 16,367 in the year 2019 and 38,095 in the final design population of 2040. Currently 600 people will benefit from the consumer connections and 10 yard stand posts. The completed water supply system serves an initial population of approximately 16,367 people in the villages of Seeta, Naggamba,Magigye,Buso, Namulonge-Kiwenda,Nazareth, Kasana, Nakita,Nabitalo, Bugobagoba,Zion-estate-Kasana. M/s Hankuk Engineering Consultants in JV with Kyongdong International Company Limited in association with ICS Engineering and Environment Limited and Hydraulic and Sanitation Consult was contracted to undertake the design and construction supervision of Namulonge_Kiwenda piped Water Supply System, M/s Block Technical Technical Services Limited was contracted to undertake construction works. The work commenced in May 2017 and were substantially completed in May 2018. The Namulonge_Kiwenda piped Water Supply Systems were commissioned today 9th May 2018 by Assistant Commissioner Planning and Development Engineer Matua Richard.