Technical inspection of the Zigoti piped Water Supply System, Mityana District

The Ministry of Water and Environment through Water Sanitation Development Facility Central (WSDF-C) held a final technical inspection of the Zigoti piped Water Supply System and this was mainly to review the contratual completion works carried out by the Contractor. The WSDF- Central team together with officials from MWE, Central Umbrella of Water and Sanitation Authority(CUWSA), Resident District Commissioner, Chief Administrative Officer, LC 5 and SAS took part in the site inspection of Zigoti WSS situated in Mityana district.
With joint funding from the Government of Uganda through the Ministry of Water anf Environment with financial support from the African Development Bank funds were committed to construct Zigoti piped WSS in Mityana district. The project that kicked off on 1st June, 2017 was constructed by Machiri Limited-Sarick Construction Limited joint venture. The system components include; a pump house, 2 guard houses, generator house, 1 public toilet and 1 office block. The system has an initial population of 7,361 by 2018 and a design population of 10,577. The water source type for Zigoti is a boreehole with a storage capacity of 150 cubic metres. The system covers 8 villages in Zigoti and these include; Zigoti (South,East and North), Kasozo,Namalere,Saala A and B, Kyankowe, Kasalaga,Mabuye and Kikonge.