Advert- Forest Sector SoP

The African Wildlife Foundation, on behalf of the Ministry for Water and Environment, is seeking the services of a senior consultant to develop a new set of standing orders and administrative policies for the forest sector, arising from the need to revise, redevelop and revive the Departmental Standing Orders of the previous Forest Department (1997), together with the incorporation of existing FSSD, NFA and DFS orders and policies into the new instrument.

Consultancy Services for “Drought Resilience in the Karamoja Sub-region"

Country: Republic of Uganda

Ref.-N°: BMZ-No.: 2013.6652.5 and 2016.6747.6

KfW procurement No.: 503156

Prequalification Result Notice

Ref.: International, open Tender for Consultancy Services for “Drought Resilience in the Karamoja Sub-region”

Tenderer: Ministry of Water and Environment (MWE)

Tenderer procurement No.: MWE/CONS/19-20/00019